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Nothing in the world compares to the life of a student athlete.

About the project

For the needs of the American client Global Athlete Network, which is an agency that successfully promotes student athletes to a higher level, we have created a site of unique web design, as an unsurpassed marketing method.

Our team develops sites that are not only visually perfect but also practical and provide end users, for whom they are intended, easy and practical use, which is achieved, among other things, with Responsive web design that provides visibility on all devices (desktop / tablet / mobile devices) regardless of resolution. Responsive web design allows the site to adapt to any screen without the consequence of diminishing features or appearance. We have also implemented a CMS system, as a solution of newer generations, which allows the site owner to easily further update and navigate without additional training or knowledge, so he can add / change content such as texts, images, etc ... On this site there is a multifunctional Google tool -Google Analytics, with the help of which you get answers to all questions related to site traffic- how many people visited the site, where they are from, which pages on the site are most visited, how many of them were converted into customers or which marketing tactics are best to increase site traffic , all of which together contribute to business progress.

Creating a site for intermediaries between students and college

  • Unique web design
  • Responsive web design
  • CMS
  • Google Analytics

Web Design Serbia webdesign - packages

Web design Serbia with every web site development package includes professionally written code in the latest technologies as well as professional SEO - search engine optimization of the site in order to get the best result for presenting your company or your business on the internet.
Inquiry for site development: https://forms.gle/TH5kVyt2AiQyFi1z8

Mini web design

  • CMS - self-updating web site
  • Unique design of the web site
  • Unlimited number of pages, news and gallery
  • Connect to social networks
  • SEO optimization web site
  • Contact form and email address
  • Google map to site
  • Statistics on the web site

production 10 days, price 440

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Plus web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Responsive web design / Mobile friendly
  • Advanced SEO
  • Two languages on the website
  • Unlimited entry categories, product and services
  • Manage price on the website
  • Management actions
  • Blog

production 20 days, price 570

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Pro web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Online web store with records
  • Unlimited entry categories and products
  • Management price and actions on the website
  • Advanced search product on site
  • User Registration and Login
  • User comments

production 35 days, price 1370

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Premium web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Web programming on demand
  • RSS and XML systems
  • Group shop
  • Internet shops with records
  • Create and edit a user account
  • Newsletter and banner system
  • Online credit card payment

production 50 days, price 2190

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