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Custom web development of application for boosting LOL game

About the project

One of the projects we are most proud of and in which the inherent work, effort and knowledge of our developers has been invested, is certainly for the client Cheap ELO Boost, which deals with boosting in the game "League of Legends" and represents a superior visualization and experience of our IT opportunities.

On this project of unique web design, everything was done completely custom, from the design of elements to the programming of the most complex algorithms adapted to the specific requirements, wishes and needs of the client. A custom administration panel with 4 roles has also been created, which provides countless possibilities. SEO optimization helps to stand out from a multitude of competing sites and come to the surface in a better position when searching organically on search engines. We have implemented a custom calculator of services that can be paid in several ways - PayPal payment, card payment, G2A Pay payment, and control of services on sale is enabled. Our expert team has provided users of this application to easily, quickly and securely register, as well as to easily use the site according to their needs with the help of advanced search services.

One of the main features of a modern site, from the aspect of its use, is that an increasing number of people use an increasing number of different devices from which they access applications (desktop / tablet / mobile devices), and that the content is clear and visible from all of them. user experience unchanged in relation to the resolution, there is Responsive web design. The design was coded from the PSD files of the graphic designer to the code of the website, and users were allowed to leave reviews as critical assessments of the complete impression of the client's services. An indispensable element is certainly the Google Analytics tool which can "measure traffic", because it includes various analyzes and statistics related to the traffic of the site and its visitors, which analysis and proper management improves the conversion.
All in all, one of the most technically demanding projects, and satisfaction and pride after the effort and work can not be missed.

Custom web development

  • Custom development
  • Custom admin panel with 4 roles
  • Unique web design
  • PSD in HTML
  • SEO - Website optimization for search engines
  • Responsive web design
  • Contact form
  • Google analytics
  • Booking system
  • Advanced search services
  • Purchase form
  • Integration of microdata
  • Reviews users
  • Control of services on the action
  • PayPal payment
  • Payment cards
  • G2A Pay payment
  • User registration
  • Custom catalog services

Web Design Serbia webdesign - packages

Web design Serbia with every web site development package includes professionally written code in the latest technologies as well as professional SEO - search engine optimization of the site in order to get the best result for presenting your company or your business on the internet.
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Mini web design

  • CMS - self-updating web site
  • Unique design of the web site
  • Unlimited number of pages, news and gallery
  • Connect to social networks
  • SEO optimization web site
  • Contact form and email address
  • Google map to site
  • Statistics on the web site

production 10 days, price 440

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Plus web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Responsive web design / Mobile friendly
  • Advanced SEO
  • Two languages on the website
  • Unlimited entry categories, product and services
  • Manage price on the website
  • Management actions
  • Blog

production 20 days, price 570

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Pro web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Online web store with records
  • Unlimited entry categories and products
  • Management price and actions on the website
  • Advanced search product on site
  • User Registration and Login
  • User comments

production 35 days, price 1370

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Premium web design

  • All of the Mini package plus:
  • Web programming on demand
  • RSS and XML systems
  • Group shop
  • Internet shops with records
  • Create and edit a user account
  • Newsletter and banner system
  • Online credit card payment

production 50 days, price 2190

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