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Building an online shop you will get a modern, reliable and above all, a safe system where the most websites this type are working this way.

Pro web design package for building a website has a base content of Mini web design package, which can be viewed by clicking on link: Mini web design package. So beside the CMS, unique design, SEO optimization for search engine, connecting to social media and others, you will have the following key components for your online shop:

Online shop

The most important thing for each online shop is implementation of the entire system of shoping, which we will adjust for you, depending on your business. Inserting a shoping cart to a web site means that customers can easily add to cart products they want to buy and then it they want to continue with the search and purchase of another product. At any time they can look into the content of their shopiong cart and expel the product they don’t want to buy. And they can also very easy order the product they want to buy from you.

Whit this system you get fully automated sales and do not need to be in contact with the customer, system is doing all the work for you. You just have to wait for notice of claim for the purchase and ensure that the producit reaches customer. The record of every purchase will also be automatically save in the database and available to you whenever you need it.

User registration

For better communication between you and your customers, you must have some information about them. We offer you a system for registration users on your website. In this way, depending on your needs for registering users, you procure certain information about them and they don’t have to write all their info everytime they visit you website, just the username and password, and all other info wll be there, saved in database. These data you can use for sending them the latest deals and offers from web site, or simply for contat them via email or phone number. If you have the option delivering products to home address, you will need the address of the customer, so that product can be delivered to him directly.

Banner system and search on website

Search on you web site allows customers very easy and simple way to find everything that interest them, inform, and buy product.

Banner system leaves you space for your advertising on the website or advertising you associates, you can make money if others wants to advertise on your website, just by renting them that space.

Categorization and products

The categorization of products you can easily sor the products so your customers can easily find the products they want to inform about or buy them, in just two clicks away from them. We leave you possibility to input any number of categories and products on your website.

Managing prices and sales on your website

Another improvement comes in the form of price management on website. Additionally inform potential customers about your producsts and services. We leave you opportunity to choose what products and services be on sale, as well as at any time you can change it, depending on your business, because customers will love the idea to pay less.

Who is it for Pro web design Package

Pro web design package is designed for all kinds of online shops, furniture, car sales, travel agencies, sales of mobile phones and the like.

Price Pro web design package: 1370€

Detailed process of web developing you can see by clicking on link: Web design

Languages used in building websites are HTML5 and CSS3, which are the latest standards on the internet, as well as the programming language PHP, wich is the moset used language when it comes to web, and combined with MySQL database, you get a dynamic web site where you can edit your own content.

When you are completely satisfied how your web site looks and works, and after we put him online, we will not close the door to our agency, we will stay open to you for all your questions and concerns that may encounter, and solve it effectively.

Professional website developmentand satisfied customers!

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