Web design - Plus website package

Responsive web design represent your company in the best light, to all users regardless of size screen on device. Let the whole world understands you, with the multilingual website.

Plus web design package for your website contains all offers from Mini web design package, which you can look it up by clicking on link: Mini web design package, but also some significant improvements.

Responsive web design

Plus web design package brings you modern acess for users with responsive web design. With responsive web design, your website will be available to all users no matter where they are, and also will adjust to the size of screen they are using to look up yur website. With these you will leave a great first impression.

Multi-Language website

Also it goes true the language limits, and offers you posability of communication and cooperation with all the world, expends market I business posabilities throught website, and we give you that by implementing a multi-language system.

Advanced SEO optimization for search engine

As we said in content of Mini web design package that visually likeable website is usless without good SEO optimization for search engines. Plus web design package contains advanced SEO optimization, for you to insure victory and be one step in front your competition.

Categorization of products and services

In relation what you do, and how you many categories of products you have, we give the ability to input unlimited number of categories, sevices and products on your website, and with that you will simply present the range of your products and services to customers in no more than two clicks away from them.

Price and  special offers management

Another improvement comes in tth form of management with the prices on the website. You additionally inform potential customers about your products and services. We leave you the opportunity to choose what products and services you will choose to be on sale, and also in evey moment you can change that depending on your business, customers will love the idea to pay less.

For whom is the Plus web design package

Plus web design package is for those comapines that want to make their website in the best light on all devices and be understood to all users worldwide.

Price Plus web design package: 570€

Detailed process of web developing you can see by clicking on link: Web design

Languages used in building websites are HTML5 and CSS3, which are the latest standards on the internet, as well as the programming language PHP, wich is the moset used language when it comes to web, and combined with MySQL database, you get a dynamic web site where you can edit your own content.

When you are completely satisfied how your web site looks and works, and after we put him online, we will not close the door to our agency, we will stay open to you for all your questions and concerns that may encounter, and solve it effectively.

Professional website development and satisfied customers!

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