Web design - Mini website package

Represent yourself to internt users in the best light, present them who you are and what you do. It is clear that today, if you are not on the internet - like you dont exist

Web design Serbia, offers you great packages for your website and excellent quality with the latest web standards.

CMS system administrator

Evry website that we create, have a CMS system. CMS is background program for people who have a website and for you, to easily change any content on website, in any moment, regardless of your knowledge on technologies.

The unique design and connectivity to social networks

Also the Mini web design Package, have a posability for you to alone insert limitless number of pages, news, galleries, and also we will connect your social network pages connect with your website so the users can share content, and adjust to web desing, depending on your wishes, and make it to be unique user friendly for yours potential clients.

SEO optimization for search engines

If website looks great, that doesn’t mean that you will have the results you wanted. For that you will also need a great SEO optimization for search engines. That’s why we in Mini web design Package offer SEO optimization, like something that every website must have, so you can compite with your competition. Our experts do excellent job in that field, and with our help defet your competition.

Google maps, contact form and email address

In this package we also make you a Google site map, contact form, so the users can contact you fairly easy. Also we will open you email address, if you want for you and evry employee you have.

Google Analytics - statistics web site

We built you in a Google Analythics, so when we post you website online, you can now how many people visted your webite, where do they come from, what pages on your website are the most visited ones, and many more. Whit Google Analythics you can figure it out what contet you website needs the most to improve your business.

Who is it for Mini web design Package

Mini web design Package is mostly for companies, agencies, gym, beauty salons, hotels, and similar.

Price Mini web design package: from 440€

Detailed process of web developing you can see by clicking on link: Web design

Languages used in building websites are HTML5 and CSS3, which are the latest standards on the internet, as well as the programming language PHP, wich is the moset used language when it comes to web, and combined with MySQL database, you get a dynamic web site where you can edit your own content.

When you are completely satisfied how your web site looks and works, and after we put him online, we will not close the door to our agency, we will stay open to you for all your questions and concerns that may encounter, and solve it effectively.

Professional website development and satisfied customers!

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