Your Website is not Mobile-Friendly? Say goodbye to Google Search then

Google introduced new algorithms which started to apply from 21 April 2015, mobile friendly and responsive web design have become the obligatory standard of any web site

Google improves and innovates in search of all that allow users to better experience.

Google improves and innovates search engine to provide all users a better experience.

Starting today, when you search Google via your mobile phone, it will recommend  you only those sites that are adapted to the screen of your phone. So, the first search places on mobile devices are reserved for those whose sites "mobile-friendly".This places on Google search engineare of great importance  to companies because they allow a much larger number of users, and therefore more money. We  all know that today  there are more and more smartphones and tablets and more people are using mobile devices to search the Internet.

These changes will not affect the search on desktop and laptop computers, but will make the problems to many companies that did not adapt their websites for mobile devices. Some companies will be very surprised when they see a drastic change in the number of visits to their websites.

This change in Google's search algorithm is perhaps the greatest since there are, the objective is clear, mobile-friendly sites on the search that are performed through a smart phone or tablet launch was among the first in the search. If you want to make sure that your web site is adapted for mobile devices, you can easily do this by checking on Google's service, click on this link Mobile-Friendly Test.

If you are a web designer or programmer Google's instructions for the proper preparation of the site to be "mobile-friendly" can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Speaking of changes in search that brings the largest search engine in the world, we have to mention the "breadcrumbs" links on the site or structured data. This means that Google for sites who have implemented the "breadcrumbs" to your web site will not show link pages but will replace it with the right words in your search, which will help users to more easily manage the site. Google better understands and better ranks sites that are structured.

For example, if you type in the search "history of Google" and you will be able to see a line of text green color that says something like: "Google> about> company> history" or, for example: "Wikipedia> wiki> Google" - both of these are link the result of "breadcrumbs" links.

So to sum up, if you have any firm, and you are not on the internet it's like you do not exist. If you have a website and it is not mobile friendly it is as if you don’t  have more than half of the site. Mobile friendly site and responsive web design have become conditional standards for successful business.

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